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Bloque Festival is focus on electronic music and audio-visual .It takes place annually in Kavala, Greece, and gives you the chance to meet favorite artists and experience a new side of the music you love.
Since 2011 it has grown rapidly with more than 20 artists from all over the world allowing their fans to get a closer look to their world. In an effort to combine visual arts and music as well as to maintain and expand its status and recognition, we invest a great deal of time in research and preparation, aiming at providing you with reasons not only to participate but also to remain as devoted followers.
Bloque Festival is dedicated on creating beautiful experiences each year and trying to keep the best ideas. Therefore we are open to collect different kinds of ideas from all kinds of people from different of places We make sure we stay constantly updated with news and trends both in the music industry and in technology, yet without neglecting our music tradition and past. Every time we try to create a unique content and theme that we would be truly proud of it.
So, please, feel free to connect with us to add your voice to theirs.

We are glad to be part of it

Lineup 2016

  • Ozgur Ozkan, Ben Coda, Stage Van Holland, Gai Barone, Leif Hatfield, Astronivo, Kassey Voorn, Chris Nemmo, Dpen, Distant Fragment, John Hellson, Jorgio Kioris, Themi Undergroove, Costa-G, Nikko Mavridis, Skinny, Niko-G, Greger, Dimitri Farmaki

    – Bloque Festival 2011 -

  • Dousk, Deepfunk, Lank, Ben Coda, Ad Brown, Basil O’Glue, Sonic Union, Anthony Yarranton, Tash, Loquai, Matteo Monero, Jorgio Kioris, Nicodream, Ldj Jianni, Skinny, Greger, Okin, Christof Ds, Jorge Dept, Babis Del

    – Bloque Festival 2012 -

  • Dj Tarkan, Kintar, Stelios Vassiloudis, V Sag, Dousk, Nikko Z, Thodoris Triantafillou, Luke Porter, Mikro, Pedro Aguiar, Dale Middleton, Jorgio Kioris, Cayo Largo, Andro V, Piranhas, Thanno, Greger, Nicodream, Nikko Mavridis, Saki Tee, S&K, Toni Alba, Leo Son

    – Bloque Festival 2013 -

  • Marc Marzenit, Luis Junior, Navar, Traumer, Christian Cambas, Nikko. Z, Estroe, Paul Hazendonk, Scotty. A, Anthony Yarranton, 9 West, Jorgio Kioris, Simos Tagias, Leo Son, Nikko Mavridis, Skinny, Costa-G, Themi Undergroove, Thanno, Billy Woo, Miss Larous, Thomas, Mike T, Stergios Sigma

    – Bloque Festival 2014 -

  • Cid Inc, Darin Epsilon, Dark Soul Project, Dmitry Molosh, Erich Von Kollar, Federico Gardenghi, Graziano Raffa, Jorgio Kioris, Luis Junior, Navid Mehr, Nick Varon, Sandra Collins, Simos Tagias, Stage Van H, Rogier, Tash, Dimi, George Fil, George Tympanidis, Jero, Mike T, Stergios Sigma, Steve Woody

    – Bloque Festival 2015 -

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